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Name:Matt J
Birthdate:Dec 26
Location:Stoughton, Wisconsin, United States of America
Website:My Music Monster
In the eternal struggle of plastic fork and plastic spoon a comprise was struck that would revolutionize cheap wasteful picnic utensils for the rest of human history: the spork. Too stubby to be an effective fork, crap for eating soup.

The currents of this life have lead to me an odd place, a hair short of three decades on this rock and still trying to suss out just what the hell this whole mess is supposed to look like. It's not like living is rocket science, but it'd be nice if it would actually get to somewhere worthwhile. Guess I had better get moving on that ay?

Oh, and I have way WAY too much music. *hangs head in shame* Though now I have a direct outlet for it to you, the ever-loving public: when_i_go_deaf.

New favorite quote:
Anything I can't immediately solve through application of money, reasonable effort, firepower, or sarcasm is something I can't change. I AM GOING TO MAKE SUCH A GOOD ALCOHOLIC. - channonyarrow
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